Memorandum of Agrement

Memorandum of Agreement

TA 7/26/17

Union County and CWA


1.Term of Agreement

  • 7/2/16-6/30/20

2. Water – Article 20, add to Section 2

  • In any facility where there is no water fountain, that provides independently tested and found to be potable water, water will be provided.

3. Article 10 – Transfers between worksites

  • Replace with 12/12/16 counter:
  • Transfer of employees may be made to improve or maintain operational effectiveness at the discretion of management, with maximum possible notice but not less than two weeks.  Where such reassignments are not mutually to, reassignments will be made inverse order of seniority, if all qualifications are equal.
  • Transfers shall not be used as disciplinary action or as retaliation for protected activity.
  • Transfers may be made for other reasons, such as a non-disciplinary response to a harassment complaint or at the request of an employee.

4. Confidentials –

  • Seven confidentials are being moved to the CWA bargaining unit.

5. Social Caseworker salary range 16 is being added to the CWA bargaining unit.

6. Supervising lead clericals will have their own shop steward.

7. Clerical upgrades –

  • Clerk 2 at range 9 should be moved to 12A (same as keyboarding clerk 2)
  • Clerk 3 currently at range 10 should be moved to range 11 (the same as keyboarding clerk 3)
  • Supervising clerk transcriber, supervising account clerk, and keyboarding clerk 4 are currently at 16B should all be moved to 17 (the same as supervising data control clerk).

8. TDI –

  • The TDI benefit that is currently $275 a week shall be increased to $500 a week.  The employer shall pay the cost of the increased benefit.

9. Wages:

  • 7/1/16 2% across the board
  • 7/1/17 2% across the board
  • 7/1/18 2% across the board
  • 7/1/19 2% across the board
  • All increments shall be paid.

10. Side letter on parking:

  • The county has leased an additional 26 spaces on Prince st.

11. All attached TA’d articles

  • This agreement is subject to the ratification of the Union membership and the Union County Freeholder Board.


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